miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010


-But the same words Lucas? The exact same words?

-I never sent that letter to Peyton.

-And I never sent my letters to you either but they still meant something. Just tell me why me this time? Why not Peyton?

-I can´t say anything bad about Peyton. She is my friend. She is your best friend!

-That´s ok,you can say bad things about her.

-Oh Brooke... The truth is I care about Peyton.

-Then what is the difference?

-The difference? The difference is I love you Brooke,I wanna be with you,not Peyton.

-But why? I need to know why.

-Because you kink your eyebrow when you try to be cute,because you cuote Camus even though I´ve never actually seen you read and because you miss your parents but you´ll never admit that and because I´ve given exactly two embarrasing speeches in my entire life and they´ve both been with you... I mean,that´s gotta mean something right? And because we´re both gonna get a neumonia but if you need to hear why I love you,I´m going on all night.

-You did pretty good.

Me puse sentimental estos días,debe ser tanto estudiar... Y qué decir de Brucas,son simplemente perfectos

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